We will be at our new location as of 12/1/2018.
2401 Main Street, Evanston, IL 60202

What is eFit?

Led by experienced coaches, within a group setting, eFit is a calorie-burning, interval training class designed to target all levels of clients. With a proven combination of the best HIIT, Core and Functional Training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout customized to your level and your goals. eFit is guaranteed to make you sweat, shred fat and move you closer to the body you want.

What makes eFit at CrossFit e-town Unique?

It is our core belief that no matter how good the workout, if you aren’t in the right environment to achieve your best version possible, everyone’s motivation will eventually fade. What started great will once again turn into a short-term fad, instead of the much-needed long term affect we all need. With the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches leading each dynamic and ideal group class setting, our members are held accountable every single workout to achieve their fitness goals.

eFit is Coach led HIIT classes including strength training, plyometrics, core strengthening and most importantly; FUN without heavy weights!

Who should try eFit?

  • If you have always wanted to try CrossFit but haven’t mustered up the courage.
  • If you think you have to be in shape before starting CrossFit
  • If you dislike or are afraid of barbells and looking silly in front of a group (we all are)
  • If you want to improve your body composition “without getting bulky”
  • If you are bored with your routine
  • If you don’t have a routine
  • If you have a gym membership but haven’t been there in weeks
  • If you exercise but not seeing the results you want
  • If you get to the gym but don’t know if you are doing it right or safely