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Prepare yourself for the excitement and challenge of something different every day. At CrossFit e-town you will be encouraged to push hard, and maximize your hour, while receiving world class coaching to improve your mechanics. We believe that giving your all, and striving for perfect form are symbiotic concepts. Here, you will experience constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional programming, and the results they produce, we recognize that members are driven through our doors for reasons of their own. By no means do we believe that a CrossFit class is always the best way to attain your health and fitness goals. We are interested in helping you in whatever form that may take. CrossFit e-town has a singular interest in learning the goals of our athletes and doing everything in our power to help them get there as efficiently & effectively as possible.




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Personal Training



I’ve been working out for as long as I can remember and although progress was usually attained it didn’t last long, either because of boredom or lack of interest. I remember one day last May where I saw an ad for something different that really caught my attention and that is how I arrived at e-town. My experience has been phenomenal, the coaches are great, the community atmosphere is truly amazing and I believe it is one of the main reasons why I love doing the WOD’s with my fellow members. I have made some progress in my short 8 months of coming here and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me. If you are looking for something that will challenge not only your body but your mind as well come and give it a try. - Aldrin Mayen

Great people and an overall great place to get in shape and get challenged! - Laurel Altpeter O'Sullivan

- Joan Lopez

Fantastic coaching, intelligent and challenging programming, great athletes, lots of space and fun…what more could you want in a gym?!?? I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and happened to be in the area for the past 6 weeks for school. I joined e-town to keep improving my strength and skills and I couldn’t have chosen a better gym to attend! I was pushed to improve every time I showed up for a workout. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome the second I stepped foot in the door! - Heather Pass

Great facility, coaching, and some of most welcoming people. I dropped in on several places before and don’t think I’ve ever had as many people come up and introduce themselves and welcome me. I will be back! - John Greeley

I love this box, everything about it is amazing: coaches, community and the facility. My husband and I started crossfitting for the first time a little over half a year ago, and we’re very glad CrossFit e-town was our starting point. We did the startup program with Kevin who introduced us to the various skills and techniques, he was great in walking us through the basics and he has remained very helpful ever since (I view him as my CrossFit Godfather ). We became regulars at the classes and the progress we have witnessed in our skills, strength and stamina over the last 6 months is just incredible. I’ve never thought you can achieve that in such a short time. All the coaches are very good, accessible and always ready to help. We’ve learned so much not only about CrossFit and strength training but also about diet and lifestyle.

I strongly recommend this box to any athlete whose looking for a fun rewarding experience, whether you are new to CrossFit or already a master!

- Radja Boughezal

Matt has been a joy to have as a member of CrossFit e-town.  His hard work continues to pay off.  He recently completed a Nutrition 101, actively participates in CrossFit classes and was an active participant in our Open Prep and Olympic Lifting Level 1!  With a loss of 1.7% body fat and 5.6 lbs. in 1 month, Matt has gained a better quality of life, better eating habits, a fun, supportive Community, and his results in the gym continuously improve! - Matt Guthrie

It’s my 3rd week in and I couldn’t be more pleased! What a great facility! The trainers are so focused and motivating along with all the members I’ve run into. As nervous as I was to start I know I made the right decision. Etown is the place to be!!! - Jenifer Khan