Hey e-town, this athlete shout out goes to Bill McMurray. Bill has been extremely dedicated to becoming the best version of himself.  Anyone who has worked out with him knows that he pushes his limits every time he sets foot in the gym.  He has recently completed his first Rx’d WOD, strung together multiple double unders, and got his first full wall walk!!!  This is only the beginning for Bill; and his great work ethic and encouraging spirit are refreshingly contagious.

–  Before you started the New You Challenge,  what were your initial thoughts/ apprehensions about the program?

Going in I figured most everyone would already be in pretty good to very good shape and just looking to take it up a notch. I knew it would be intense and challenging. I thought that I might be somewhat behind the rest of the group in completing some of the exercises.

–  How did those feelings change as your physical skills developed through out the challenge?

I noticed very quickly that there were varying degrees of fitness. Everyone had one area where they were good and others where they were a novice. I also noticed that I, along with my classmates, improved on a weekly basis which, in turn, improved my confidence. 

–  Name an area in CrossFit you feel strong/ confident about, and an area you feel is the biggest challenge for you.

Definitely strength and conditioning is my stronger area and where I’ve made great strides. I’ve improved my form and increased the amount of weight I can lift. Plus I’ve learned new lifting techniques. Cardio, specifically long distance cardio (running), has and continues to be my biggest challenge. I think it’s mostly because it’s not something that I’ve done over the years and the physical punishment it places on my knees and shins. 

–  What would you say to some one who is apprehensive about starting CrossFit?

I would tell them to first get their mind set and that they’re ready to make a lifestyle change. That is a huge part of the commitment and what will motivate them more. Be ready to change how you eat and how you think about food. Sit with a trainer and talk about what your personal goals are and how they can help you achieve them. Next accept that CrossFit is challenging and, while it never gets easy, it does take you to a higher level of fitness and confidence. 

–  What is one short- term fitness goal you have, and one long- term goal?

One short term goal is to lose another ten pounds. A long term goal is to see if I can be at a level of fitness whereas I no longer need to take cholesterol/blood pressure medications. 

–  What personal motivation drives you to become a better version of yourself, as well as bring you back to the gym several times through out the week?

In short, to look better naked (seriously!) 

 If you could eat one healthy, and one unhealthy food every day for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

Hmm Probably honey crisp apples for healthy. I love snacking on them. As for an unhealthy food, definitely triple chocolate cheesecake! I’m a chocoholic and cheesecake is my favorite dessert so the two go perfectly together; and I make a great cheesecake.