Welcome to CrossFit e-town!  We’re glad you found us and are taking the time to educate yourself about us and what CrossFit is and what it can be for you.

CrossFit e-town was founded on the simple beliefs of community and family.  We believe that all things are possible with your family and friends by your side.  We strive to offer that same support and become your home away from home.  The coaches have come from different backgrounds but have united to offer each athlete the most dynamic and powerful knowledge base in the area.  Our goal is simple:  to create the strongest community possible which will support and create the strongest athletes possible.  We want to help you reach outside of yourself and conquer things you never thought possible.

Our coaches have a variety of certifications and athletic experiences.  Whether you participate in the daily CrossFit WOD, Olympic lifting, or endurance training we have the ability to help you reach your goals.  All members receive one on one meetings with our goal setting coach to help you set and monitor your goals, and nutritional advice to help maximize your performance and lifestyle through appropriate food choices.

CrossFit e-town is a place where you can find yourself, develop a stronger mind, body, and soul, and experience a true results based fitness program, unlike anything you have ever experienced.  We are trainers, coaches, and athletes – not sales people. Results are what matters and CrossFit sells itself because it works.

Sound like fun?  Want to come in an check us out?  Please come to one of our FREE Community Classes on Saturdays at 10am.  See the “Event’s” section on our home page for the date of our next class.