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Prepare yourself for the excitement and challenge of something different every day. At CrossFit e-town you will be encouraged to push hard, and maximize your hour, while receiving world class coaching to improve your mechanics. We believe that giving your all, and striving for perfect form are symbiotic concepts. Here, you will experience constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional programming, and the results they produce, we recognize that members are driven through our doors for reasons of their own. By no means do we believe that a CrossFit class is always the best way to attain your health and fitness goals. We are interested in helping you in whatever form that may take. CrossFit e-town has a singular interest in learning the goals of our athletes and doing everything in our power to help them get there as efficiently & effectively as possible.



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Personal Training


This is a great crossfit box. I’ve been attending for a year now and love it. I’m writing this review because Kevin impressed me tremendously in how he handles the business. I had lapsed in attendance during a busy period at school, and Kevin proactively didn’t renew me rather than charge me for services I wasn’t using. Considering that the bread and butter revenue of many gyms is no shows, I have to say I was blown away by how high integrity Kevin was in that situation. Highly recommend giving the trial a shot and joining our community.

- Will Longano

Great people and an overall great place to get in shape and get challenged!

- Laurel Altpeter O'Sullivan

Great facility, coaching, and some of most welcoming people. I dropped in on several places before and don’t think I’ve ever had as many people come up and introduce themselves and welcome me. I will be back!

- John Greeley

Fantastic coaching, intelligent and challenging programming, great athletes, lots of space and fun…what more could you want in a gym?!?? I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 2 years and happened to be in the area for the past 6 weeks for school. I joined e-town to keep improving my strength and skills and I couldn’t have chosen a better gym to attend! I was pushed to improve every time I showed up for a workout. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome the second I stepped foot in the door!

- Heather Pass

I started in April of ’17. In less than four months I’ve dropped more than 15lbs, improved my endurance, stamina and strength. The staff here not only know what they’re doing, but they are all super friendly, great motivators and really enjoy their job. Workouts can be tailored for anyone and there’s always room to grow and improve.

- Bill McMurray

I was in town visiting wife side of the family and I dropped in twice to E-town. Kevin and John were the coaches, they were awesome. Such a friendly place. Also, got to see one of the coaches perform 16.5, and it was just a humbling experience. I will be sure to drop in back when I’m in the area. Thanks for the hospitality while I was in town.

- Teddy Bachakes

Crossfit E-Town.. One day I’m looking online for a good Box, next day I’m a member of the crossfit community.. E-Town is a fantastic place, a place that challenges you, that makes you transitioning from a gym guy to an athlete.. (work in progress in my case).. in a nutshell, thank you guys for all the good (killer) workouts..

- Rodolfo Tejeda

It’s my 3rd week in and I couldn’t be more pleased! What a great facility! The trainers are so focused and motivating along with all the members I’ve run into. As nervous as I was to start I know I made the right decision. Etown is the place to be!!!

- Jenifer Khan